The Truth About Subway!!!


There are thousands of subway restaurants in Canada and I’m sure basically everyone has eaten there and thought that this is healthier than other fast food restaurants. I know when I am at volleyball tournament that I eat subway because I feel that it is a better choice but is it really? It depends on what exactly you order but generally subway is not healthy. In fact it can be worse for you than other fast food places including a Big Mac from McDonald’s. A Big Mac only has 540 calories and 29 grams of fat while Low Fat Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich has a whooping 760 calories with 9 grams of fat and other subs can add up to almost 1000 calories. This is about half of a persons daily calories if they wanted to stay fit and healthy. It shocks me that a so-called healthy fresh food is indeed not healthy at all.

Subway prides itself on being fresh but it really isn’t. All the meats are processed, pumped with preservatives and have sodium nitrite in them. This is used in processed meat to make them look red so they appear to be fresh but really they have been shipped from somewhere far away and the meat is no longer fresh. There has also been multiple studies that prove that a daily intake of sodium nitrite increases your risk of getting cancer! Isn’t this crazy. in the 1970’s the USDA tried to ban sodium nitrite but was overruled. Food industries fought back with saying the USDA was trying to ban bacon. Then if you actually look at the vegetables you will see that the lettuce isn’t that fresh looking at all. Then the bread is made with refined flour which means that the original grain has been striped of all its natural healthy components. Think about that paper mache project we all have done in elementary; remember how sticky that substance was. Now imagine that bread you eat; all of that flour does when it is digested is turn into a sticky mess like that paper mache. That bread doesn’t provide any nutrition and definitely isn’t healthy.

Now you may be wondering why we believe Subway to be  in reality it isn’t. The main reason is because of the advertising; it tricks us into thinking what they want us to because like any business they want the money. Recently, they have advertised that if you were on a diet of only subway that you could lose weight like Jared Fogle who achieved to lose 245 pounds. They also recommended a daily walk along with this diet. The thing is that it is very hard to lose weight on burgers from McDonald’s but by looking at the calories it would be easier to lose weight on burgers than Subway. BUT it would still be unhealthy, challenging, and most likely leave you hungry because nothing in your sub actually takes a long time to digest so you would quickly burn it off and have no energy. Compare it to a healthy, hearty breakfast of eggs and sausage to a bowl of sugary cereal or a slice of white toast; the eggs definitely are more filling. Who wants to eat sandwiches 24/7 anyway? Then they say everything is fresh but who has ever heard of ‘fresh’ cold cuts, eggs patties, chicken patties or even canned tuna? Crazy when you actually look at what Subway is presenting with a clear mind; they have hidden the truth right before your eyes. Subway says what they mean by ‘fresh’ is that it is made right in front of you not that the ingredients are fresh. That isn’t what I think of when I hear fresh. I am extremely disappointed in Subway.

After I learned all of this about Subway I started to questioned even the most simplest things they stated. I’m sure we all have seen their advertisement for their foot long subs but have any of you ever wondered if they are actually a foot long? I went to Subway and found that my sub was only 11 inches not 12. Then when I searched to see if this wasen’t a one time deal I found these images.

subway 12inch subway 12 inch 2

This shocked me and I no longer have the respect I used to for Subway. What is your opionion on this?


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